HonorHealth Lab Services Jobs

Seeing the Honor in You

You want the time to truly focus on your patients’ quality of care. You seek to learn something new every day. You strive to make a real difference in the lives of your patients. That’s the HONOR in you.

Laboratory field services

Working in the HonorHealth lab system means joining a growing, dynamic team. Expect world-class facilities, sophisticated technologies, and a strong mentorship culture. With medical centers, hospitals and outpatient clinics located throughout the Valley, you’ll be able to work close to home. Having both inpatient and outpatient lab services, working here means you’ll have the ability to change positions as you advance in your career, yet stay within the HonorHealth system.

HonorHealth allows you to grow in your lab career. From Phlebotomy to Histology to lab supervision and management, HonorHealth is positioned to help you gain the experience and expertise you seek. This is a busy, complex system where lab professionals find challenges and rewards every day. Because the patient population is so varied, Phlebotomists get to work with just about everyone. From OB to Oncology and everything in between, variety is plentiful at HonorHealth.

Lab supervision

Our supervisors enjoy the ability to stay connected to direct lab work, while helping to guide the departments they oversee. This allows HonorHealth to offer the best of both worlds in lab supervision; hands-on lab work as well as direct employee and process management.

No matter what your role is within the HonorHealth Lab system, you’ll enjoy:

  • Highly competitive total rewards
  • Investment in your ongoing education
  • Active mentoring programs
  • Inpatient and outpatient opportunities
  • Flexibility in your schedule
  • Exceptional benefits program including tuition reimbursement

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